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Fixed Fehmarnbelt connection: Time to start Fehmarn version 2.0

Today Oxford Research has published a report commissioned by the political STRING cooperation. With the title "Staircase to Growth", the report analyzes how major infrastructure projects like the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link can generate sustainable growth and innovative investments in the corridor between northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden.

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STRING Chairman: Cheaper bridge tariffs only bring slight affect to Fehmarn Fixed Link

Cheaper tariffs over the Great Belt will contribute to greater activity between the Region Zealand and Funen/Jutland, says the chair of the STRING cooperation, Steen Bach Nielsen, Region Zealand.

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Let’s get the Fehmarnbelt fixed link underway!

With the final consultations on the Fehmarnbelt fixed link beginning tomorrow in the German city of Lübeck, the chairman of STRING, Steen Bach Nielsen, highly urges governmental approval and construction start. A fresh YouGov poll shows a continued broad support for the project in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

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Folkemødet: A look into the future of the Fehmarnbelt Region and beyond

The Danish ‘democracy festival’ on the island of Bornholm had more events and guests than ever. STRING had asked Future Researcher Liselotte Lyngsø to moderate an event called ‘The train is leaving – Fehmarnbelt in 2028’.

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Substantial support for the Fehmarnbelt fixed link continues

In Skåne, Zealand, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, support for the Fehmarnbelt fixed link remains strong, shows a new survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of STRING in May 2017.

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Halfway through GREAT

The GREAT project is moving forward and will be reaching mid project in the end of June. At the moment lots of fast chargers are being installed in Sweden.

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New network supporting the Fixed Link: Friends of Fehmnarnbelt

Friends of Fehmarnbelt is a brand new network comprising individuals involved in politics, business, academia, the public sector and the general public. The Friends have come together to to demonstrate support for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link and to promote the benefits that the improved infrastructure will bring about for the entire region, from Scandinavia to Northern Germany.

Election in Schleswig-Holstein: CDU the clear winner

Sunday’s election in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein resulted in a surprisingly clear victory for the CDU (Christian Democrats) and loss for the ruling SPD (Social Democrats). The coalition between the SPD, the Greens and the Danish minority party SSW is thus no more. On the other hand, forming a new government in Kiel will not be plain sailing for the winner, the CDU candidate for the post as minister president, the newcomer, Daniel Günther.

Political clarity on the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

”We’re delighted that the Schleswig-Holstein Transport Minister Reinhard Meyer has now brought clarity and stability to the Fehmarnbelt project,” says the Chairman of the STRING network, Steen Bach Nielsen, commenting on the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting (18.4.2017) in Copenhagen between Schleswig Holstein’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology Reinhard Meyer and the Danish Transport Minister Ole Birch Olesen.

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Political North-South axis promotes environmentally-friendly mobility

Successful meeting at Brenner Base Tunnel: STRING politicians and politicians from the Brenner Corridor Platform call on EU for maximum co-funding of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link and the Brenner Tunnel project, including from 2020.

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