New strategy, STRING 2040, to assure green growth in Northern Europe
The STRING partners, Region Skåne, the Capital Region of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen, Region Zealand, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg aim to enhance economic growth and assure a sustainable development in the corridor from the Öresund region to Hamburg.




The STRING partners have agreed on a new strategy 2040, outlining the future work of STRING. 

At the STRING political forum on the 20th of September 2016, the regional top-politicians approved the 'STRING Strategy 2040'.

STRING's work is based on the vision to establish a corridor where growth, job creation and sustainability go hand in hand for the benefit of our people while sustaining high welfare standards and quality of life.

This is a long-term vision and because of the recent delay to the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, we decided to review our strategy and extend our horizon to 2040 - 12 years after the opening of the fixed link.  The strategy that was adopted by the Political Forum in 2012 has, therefore, now been reassessed and our focus and objectives more clearly defined.

In 2016 and going forward, most of our efforts and resources will be committed to highlighting to governments, businesses and individuals the importance of the fixed link for future generations.  While the approval process continues in Germany, we will do our utmost to explain why we believe the link is crucial for our communities.  The Fehmarbelt tunnel and associated infrastructure in Denmark and Germany will lead to significant improvements to our competitiveness and economic development. At the same time, the project will contribute in a major way to the "greening" of the transport sector by promoting a shift from air and road to rail.  


The Strategy 2040 focuses on:

  • Infrastructure: Hamburg-Copenhagen in 2½ hours
  • Green Growth - growth, jobs and sustainability go hand in hand
  • Science and research - the STRING knowledge corridor
  • Tourism  - a bigger dot on the map
  • Culture - an essential growth factor
  • Cross-border barriers and Information - free movement of labour, business and people